2019 Season

Leonard Kim - Ditch the Act

Jonathan Masiulionis - How to Celebrate Yourself

Sean R. Weissbart - Your Estate Planning Lifecycle

Lisa Wentz - Grace Under Pressure - Public Speaking Lessons

Good Morning Gratitude with Elizabeth Hamilton Guarino, Gary Kobat and guests

Claire Diaz-Ortiz - Social Media Success For Every Brand

Simone Milasas - Worldwide Coordinator of Access Consciousness

Jennifer Vaughn - Shadow Kid

Dr. Dravon James - Everyday Peace

Norm Champ - Mastering Money

David Wood - Play for Real - Tough Conversations

Dr. Ivan Misner - BNI - How To Say No Without Sounding Like a Jerk... or Worse

Dean Lunt - Founder of Islandport Press - Maine

The Maine Women's Conference

Joseph Alvaro - The Lucky Ones

Diane Ray - Director of Programming - Unity Radio

Heather Monahan - Confidence Creator

Haley Stark - Tying the Ribbon - How I Survived a Spinal Cord Stroke

Julie Ruppert - Commissioner of The Northeast 10 Conference

Meagen Harriman - Flourish & Fierce

Gordana Biernat - #KnowTheTruth – Why Knowing Who You Are Changes Everything

Fran Pitre - You Always Were

Winston Ben Clements - Your Limitations are an Illusion

Angela Matemotja - ELEVATE

Sheri Salata - The Beautiful No

John McKee - The BAM Network

Cynthia Clark - Love in Your Hands

John Barbour - The Godfather of Reality TV

Coach Celano - One Chapter Doesn’t Write The Whole Book - It Sets Up The Ending

Anne Maxwell - The Best Ever of Kids with ADD, ADHD, OCD and Autism

Evelyn Nouhas - Inspire, Empower, and Encourage

Joel Comm - The Fun Formula

Laleh Hancock -Global Wellness for All

Todd Cipperman - The Compliance Advantage: Ten Must-Know Trends

Barbara Wainwright - The Power of Life Coaching

Gary Douglas - Access Consciousness

Dr. Dain Heer - Return of the Gentleman

How Do I Manage My Time Better? with Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

Sherianna Boyle - Emotional Detox - 7 Steps to Release Toxicity and Energize Joy

Rob Thompson - That's Life Podcast and Digital Brand U

Coach Celano - New Haven Baseball - How to Set and Achieve Your Goals

Raana Zia - Your Hidden Light

How Do I? Five Actions You Can Take to Be Your Best Ever You

Happy You Year with Best Ever You's Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino

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